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High Level Property Inspections

high level inspections

High level inspections, block of flats

Surveyors, whether undertaking an RICS Level 3 Building Survey inspection or an RICS Level 2 Homebuyer Survey, in fact most types of property inspections, can only carry a certain amount of equipment.  This equipment includes a ladder, usually the extendable type, which extends to at least 3 metres in height.  This enables surveyors, in most circumstances, to inspect most parts of a building, with higher parts being viewed in most cases from ground level using a set of binoculars/telescope.

However sometimes, such as where there’s a flat roof on a low rise block of flats or other features/building elements that are above 3 metres such as chimney stacks, flashings, etc… the Surveyor may not be able to see these without specialist equipment.

So recognizing this we have purchased some specialist equipment to enable us to inspect higher level features. This equipment comprises of a Carbon Fibre Pole with an attachment to fit our High Definition video camera on top.  By using this equipment we are able, in most circumstances, to inspect areas that would not normally be visible without such equipment being used.

Our Surveyor states “this equipment is a fantastic tool and when used we’re ablet to provide our clients with higher levels of peace of mind, which after all as a Surveyor that’s what we’re here to do”.

Below is an example of such an inspection and as you’ll notice, we can view the majority of the roof coverings in this example, enabling us to report in more detail to our client on the condition of the flat roof coverings and associated areas.  Armed with this kind of information a property buyer can be much better informed as to the condition of what can be a very expensive repair if defects are found to exist (in particular if scaffording is required to undertake works).

We firmly believe it is, and in particular as we only charge £45 inclusive of VAT extra for such inspections if carried out as part of another type of inspection and also bearing in mind that if we can’t carry out the high level inspection whilst on site (for instance due to high winds, etc…) we’ll refund that money.  Should such an inspection be requested on a ‘stand alone’ basis, then our fees will be higher as we’d need to undertake a specific visit to the property which increases the cost in terms of time and fuel, etc…  As such it’s certainly worthwhile, if you have concerns about such areas or even suspect a problem may be present, to instruct us to use this equipment as part of your survey.

To find out more see the video below and get in touch today, we’d be pleased to assist you further.

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