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Finding Property Buyers and Sellers off Market

Possibly one of the best ways to do a property deal is when you are not competing with others, i.e. the property has not as yet been marketed or an Estate Agent (who's job it is to maximise the sale price) has been instructed.

That's why we have created our MatchMaker Map function on this website. By using this feature you, as a buyer, can simply upload your details e.g. the type of property you are looking for, place a marker on the map to tell sellers you're looking in that area. A seller then sees your marker and makes contact, it's simple really.

If you're a property seller, you simply do the reverse. You post your property details on the website and buyers searching for similar properties in that area can then get in touch with your so you can deal directly.

You can choose, if you want, to instruct an Estate Agent or viewing service such as Viewber say, or simply do it yourselves with the help of a good solicitor/conveyancer. Oh, you can get FREE QUOTES for those on our website too. What more do you need?

If you are a landlord looking for tenants or a tenant looking for a landlord, you can do the same as above albeit you'll be posting a property for rent or searching for a property to rent.


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